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Customer Feedback

I can say that I’m very pleased with the service provided. Their cleaning team came on time and finished everything in just an hour. All the job was done with lots of professionalism and I think everyone can afford their prices! – Jun 07, 2012 – A.T.

Our cleaning company is highly recommended by the residents of Saint Albans for our top notch quality, friendly staff and unbeatably low rates. Below you can find some of our cleaning prices:

Carpet Cleaning Domestic Cleaning Oven Cleaning End of Tenancy Cleaning
from £26 from £9 /h from £45 from £89

If you thought we made booking a cleaner with us so easy wait until you hear about the ways you can keep in touch with us! Some service providers claim they pay attention to customer service and proper means of communication between the company and its clientele but in reality, this is just wishful thinking, Just think about the times you rang a company for one reason or another and you had to wait on the phone for twenty minutes and that’s just the automated menu blaring out different departments, buttons to be pressed and messages about call recording, training purposes or whatever else they might be on about. There will be none of this when you call Cleaners Saint Albans.

Your call will be answered by a real person, a customer consultant that will pay their undivided attention to you and your request or query. If we cannot answer your question right there and then, we will arrange a suitable time and call you back with the requested information, we will not keep you on the phone and play elevator music, because we know how frustrating and time wasting this is. Cleaners Saint Albans has given all its customers access to our user-friendly company website which contains lots of useful information on services, prices and technical information you may find relevant.

Customers can place a booking or query through us using the special online forms we have provided. The form is simple and easy to use, and like all other online forms, the fields marked with stars are compulsory so please fill those out. Once you query is submitted, our customer consultants will respond to you in the shortest time possible in your preferred method of communication.

Cleaners Saint Albans is a customer orientated company that welcomes feedback and other suggestions that might help us improve and develop further. So, if you have something to tell us, or would like some specific information on our behalf, please feel free to write to us on our company email address, listed in the contact section of this website.